Looking to start a business or be self-employed? Embrace The 3 P's:

Updated: May 15, 2019

Success is what motivates all to strive for more in life, but how do we get there? It takes more than outlining goals and wishing upon stars to get results.

The 3 P’s for success are practice, patience, and persistence.

A marketing professional values the 3 P’s of success as people, product, and pricing. Targeting the right audience with the right product at the right price is what it takes to market just about anything.

Take the time to find what makes you tick, happy, thrive.  Find your passion. If you have a passion for something but still aren’t good at it, its okay. Be patient, and then practice some more. It takes perseverance and determination to take control and make things go your way. It takes dedication and follow-through to do most anything. If something is worth it for you, it’s worthy of pursuing. Your passion to do well is real. Trust it. You may even be successful.

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