Is Branding Fake?

Updated: May 29, 2020

How do you stay true to your culture, values, team and customers during this strange and uncertain time?

As a brand identity designer, I’ve met clients with all types of attitudes towards branding, website design and marketing. Most people are excited to express the look and feel of their company in a visual way with their customers.

But in today’s social trends individuals and businesses are more cautious about their image and minimize any efforts to be seen as fake. They worry about how to channel their image in the right way to connect with their community.

Cautious local businesses, are not looking for fast growth or to get rich quick. They are trying to change the world, make a difference, break the mold, change the standard, be authentic, educate people, care for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. They care about human beings and want their business image and reputation to be transparent and authentic.

There is a strong culture belief that says “of the people, by the people, for the people'. And don’t want to appear too big, commercial or corporate like. They want the small local business feel to connect with their community.

I agree with this and work with my clients to create authentic brand that is a visual representation of their values, culture, beliefs and vision. When your vision is represented correctly your branding wont appear fake. In fact, it can help you better serve your community.

.1 Consistent branding creates trust.

Branding helps stay visually organized, reliable and vision focused. People feel comforted by consistency.

.2 Authentic branding helps people make decisions.

Branding helps accurately reflect who your organization is and helps your business connect with your customers.

.3 Memorable branding helps people find more of what you’re offering.

Branding helps people identify with your brand, like your brand and build loyalty.

.4 Attractive branding is always more enjoyable.

Branding helps people read your company clearly, understand your message, create easy to use systems, and enjoy doing business with you.

I believe that the right brand identity will be a good visual representation or you, your team, culture, values and build a strong connection with the community and increases loyalty.

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Thank you and please stay safe! <3

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