Recurring Work

Branding is so much more than just a single logo and a color palette. Your logo alone doesn’t create a memorable feeling. It doesn’t tell a story. A single logo is only one chapter of the book. Don’t sell yourself short with just a logo.

We make sure your business looks its best. Utilizing our retainer plan is a vital part of the process of creating and upholding a successful business.​ We will work closely with you and produce the perfect layout, color palette, and design elements for your business success.

Designer on Retainer

A retainer is an agreement between us, in which we guarantee a specified amount of working hours for your business's design and marketing needs.

These plans are perfect for businesses that know they will need design services throughout the year and want to reserve our creative professional time.

Let’s collaborate to bring you closer to your ultimate vision, closer to your target market, and closer to your audience.


Overview of your needs:

- We’ll go over needs 

- Schedule timeline.

- Project proposal


Identify Needs:

- Brand Identity

- Values

- Goals

- Project Plan.


Design Concepts

- Ideas come to life

- Concept variations

- Finalize Designs


- Time to show the world! When you’ve approved the final designs.

- If needed, I’ll provide printers.

Work Process


Are you starting from scratch or refining your company’s existing branding. Do you need direction and a marketing toolkit of visual elements?


Brand Identity Collateral:






Color Palette

Logo Refinement




Graphic Elements



Brand Style Guide


Marketing Materials


Brand Identity

Plans do not include complete branding, logo, or website design. 


Monthly Plans

Design pricing can vary widely and depends on the scope of the project. But not all businesses need to invest that much. We have created designs for businesses and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. As independent designers, we bring agency-level designs and expertise to the same project that has a higher cost elsewhere.

Want to work with us?